#1 11-14-2023 10:53 pm

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Get The Word

I was wondering when Get The Word will be available to everyone? So I could try it when I look I noticed its still showing mvp players only still so I was wondering

Thank You for any replies

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#2 11-15-2023 12:38 pm

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Re: Get The Word

Hi Kermitthefrog99,

Thank you for taking an interest our new game, Get the Word!

The Get the Word game is still in production at this time.  If you wish to get started playing early we offer the Yearly MVP Plus Membership for $75 and our MVP Plus Monthly Membership for $12.95. You can contact our Billing Department Toll Free: 1-855-797-1638 for assistance with purchases.

Once the game has completed production we will release it to all players!

Have a great day and have fun!


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